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Michael Brideson


  • kma154 / kma184 Calculus & Applications 1B / Advanced Calculus & Applications 1B
  • kma252 / kme271 Calculus & Applications 2 / Engineering Mathematics 2
  • kma354 Partial Differential Equations 3
  • kma425 Numerical Solutions to PDEs


  • Brideson, MA, Jackson, J, Forbes, LK, Crozier, S*, ‘Computing Lorentz Forces Generated by Gradient Coils in an Open MRI System’, ANZIAM Journal, 49 C423-C438 (2008)
  • Forbes, LK, Brideson, MA, Crozier, S*, While, PT, ‘An Analytical Approach to the Design of Quiet Cylindrical Asymmetric Gradient Coils in MRI’, Concepts in Magnetic Resonance Part B: Magnetic Resonance Engineering, 31B (4) 218-236 (2007)
  • Forbes, LK, Brideson, MA, While, PT, Crozier, S*, ‘Calculating the movement of MRI coils, and minimizing their noise’, ANZIAM Journal, 49 C17-C35 (2007)
  • Forbes, LK, Brideson, MA, Crozier, S*, ‘A Target-Field Method to Design Circular Biplanar Coils for Asymmetric Shim and Gradient Fields’, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 41 (6) 2134-2144 (2005)
  • Brideson, MA, Forbes, LK, Crozier, S*, ‘Winding patterns for biplanar MRI shim coils with rectangular and circular target-field regions’, Measurement Science and Technology, 15 1019-1025 (2004)
  • Brideson, MA, Forbes, LK, Crozier, S*, ‘Winding patterns for actively shielded shim coils with asymmetric target-fields’, Measurement Science and Technology, 14 484-493 (2003)
  • Brideson, MA, Forbes, LK, Crozier, S*, ‘Determining complicated winding patterns for shim coils using stream functions and the target-field method’, Concepts in Magnetic Resonance, 14 (1) 9-18 (2002)
  • Crozier, S*, Forbes, LK, Brideson, MA, ‘Ellipsoidal Harmonic (Lamé) MRI Shims’, IEEE Transactions 0n Applied Superconductivity, 12 (4) 1880-1885 (2002)

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Dr Michael Brideson

School of Mathematics & Physics
University of Tasmania
Private Bag 37, Hobart, Tasmania 7001, Australia
PHONE: (03) 6226 2430
FAX: (03) 6226 2867