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Larry Forbes


Larry Forbes
Department of Mathematics, University of Tasmania
GPO Box 252-37, Hobart, Tasmania 7001, Australia
PHONE: (03) 6226 2720
FAX: (03) 6226 2867


My hobbies are pipe-organ playing, piano playing, photography and electric welding. I did my degrees in Adelaide. My wife Anne-Marie lectures and conducts research in Musicology at the Conservatorium of Music at the University of Tasmania. My children are Brigette, Samuel and Erin, and they were all born in Brisbane.

Research interests

Applied mathematics.

Free-boundary problems in fluid mechanics. Non-linear oscillations in chemical and mechanical systems. Waves and wave propagation. Numerical methods and scientific computation. Asymptotic and perturbation analysis. Differential and integral equations. Engineering Science, including gas dynamics and design of RF probes, static magnets and gradient coils in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) devices.

Educational Background

Ph.D. degree from the University of Adelaide, 18 December 1981. Title of thesis: Non-linear free-surface flows about blunt bodies. This work was supervised by Len Schwartz and Ernie Tuck.

Honours Degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Adelaide, 10 May 1978. Title of Honours project: An analysis of non-linear pulses and shock-waves in mathematical models of the aorta.

Ordinary degree of Bachelor of Science conferred 4 May 1977.

Matriculation: Unley High School, Adelaide, South Australia, 1973.


Employed under an Australian ARGC government grant as a research assistant in the Department of Applied Mathematics at the University of Adelaide from 1 April 1981 to 1 July 1981.

Research Scientist at Materials Research Laboratories, Melbourne, Victoria from 6 July 1981 to 20 November 1981.

Part-time resident mathematics tutor at Whitley College, University of Melbourne, Victoria from 1 October 1981 to 20 November 1981.

Visiting Research Scientist at the Institute of Hydraulic Research, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa from 15 January 1982 to 1 September 1982. Visiting Assistant Professor and Assistant Research Scientist from 1 September 1982 to 1 August 1983.

Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas from 17 August 1983 to 1 June 1985.

Temporary Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Queensland, St. Lucia, Queensland from 1 July 1985 to 30 June 1986. Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics from 1 July 1986 to 31 December 1989. Senior lecturer in the Department of Mathematics from 1 January 1990 until 31 December 1994. Reader (associate professor) in the Department of Mathematics from 1 January 1995 until 9 January 2000.

Professor of Mathematics in the School of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Tasmania, Hobart, from 10 January 2000.

Head of the School of Mathematics and Physics, from 1 January 2001 until 31 December 2008.

Professional Activities

Member of SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) from 1983 until 1999.

Member of the Australian Mathematical Society since January 1986.

Member of the American Institute of Physics 1999 - 2009.

Member of the Board of Associate Referees, for the Journal of Engineering Mathematics (Kluwer Publishers, Holland), since June 1996.

Associate Editor for Journal of Engineering Mathematics since December 2007.

Associate editor for Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society Series B (Applied Mathematics) (now the ANZIAM Journal) since December 1996.

Member of the Australian research Council (ARC) Expert Advisory Committee (MICS Panel) 2002 - 2004.


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